Media Melanie has worked with many brands in various digital marketing roles since 2009:
Media Melanie has been a production professional since 2004! Here are some of the finished products:

Production Coordinator on “Give Me Straight Up Tea:”

Field Producer/Casting for 15+ Walmart television commercials, plus three foreign language commercials (Production Company: VIMBY). Watch compilations of the “See for Yourself” Campaign with real moms:

Producer, Web video for Quae Juice

Links to additional video projects:

Casting for television commercial, AAA Athlete’s Journey. (Production Company: Loma Media)

Casting for television commercial, See Ice Cream in an Edible Device(Production Company: Loma Media)

Casting & Producer for various National University web initiatives and Holiday Bowl television commercials. {Production Companies: Loma Media (2014) & Scratch Media (2013)}

Here are other brands that Media Melanie has worked with over the years: