Size Does Matter

Size does matter. These days the size of your friend list on Facebook, followers on Twitter and network on LinkedIn can make you or break your role or position in any field or social circle.  Is your cable package big enough?  Do you have the premium stations to watch that hyped-up series on HBO like the rest of your friends?  Those with basic cable and local stations are dwindling, especially with the downfall of analog TV to full digital and DVR. What’s the average amount of video content you consume in a month between Hulu, YouTube, NetFlix, OnDemand or even ads at the gas pump? Good luck measuring. Unless you are one of the few and proud who has sworn off social media, refused to get a cell phone or still protest an email address – you know exactly what I mean. Personal media consumption is growing at an uncontrollable rate. 


If the size of the proverbial boat matters, then so shouldn’t the “motion in the ocean.” Society is increasingly driven by and motivated towards media outlets.  If you’re pushing out content then make sure it’s relevent and worthwhile to those your push it to. Nobody wants to be inundated with more junk in their online trunk. When offering a product or service try to consider how your next status update will be viewed by your customers or clients. Conversely, take in quality content to increase your knowledge base.  So the next time you post a status update or tweet a thought please try to make it matter – the Internet seems infinite but that doesn’t mean it needs more clutter; make it a “resource” not a “regress.”   


Short, sweet and to the point – just like me…

The other day I purchased a book called The New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott.  In this economy I’m generally not in the habit of making such a self-perceived frivolous purchase, but I’m happy to say that the book has already paid for itself (and then some) and I’m only on chapter three.  So here I am blogging because, according to Scott, I’ve been missing out on this excellent opportunity to brand myself by creating an online presence based on my educated and professional views, life experience and quirky personality.  If this blog is step one in Media Melanie’s  rise to online success, then as a reader you can officially say that you knew me before I made it big – good for you!

Melanie is a Media & Marketing professional serving the Greater Boston and San Diego areas.