Join the #GramTheLove Movement to Make Social Media Great Again

Join the #GramTheLove social movement on Instagram from February 1-14, 2019. Simply post a photo on Instagram that conveys love and tag it with #GramTheLove. So easy.


#GramTheLove is a Team Effort

This year I’m teaming up with YesYoga to take #GramTheLove to the next level. It’s time to Make Social Media Great Again, and with your help we can make it happen. We’re even offering prizes to up the incentive (more on that later…keep reading)!

What is #GramTheLove?

#GramTheLove started a couple of years ago as a small passion project, a simple gesture to infuse lots of love into my own Instagram feed in hopes that others would follow. Now in its third year, #GramTheLove is ready to go viral and turn into a true social movement.

#GramTheLove to Make Social Media Great Again!

The volatile political climate and increasing divisiveness have become overwhelming in real life and on social media. #GramTheLove is a simple way to add gratitude and love into our daily routine through a simple social media post. Imagine if we can fill Instagram with hearts for the first two weeks of February? I can see it now…

How-to #GramTheLove

Participating is simple:

  1. Hop onto Instagram daily (or anytime you can) from February 1-14 (Valentine’s Day)
  2. Post a photo that depicts love–whatever that means to you (daily if you can).
  3. Tag photos with #GramTheLove
  4. Share another person’s #GramTheLove post in your feed or story to help keep the momentum going

Browse the #GramTheLove tag for inspo!

#GramTheLove for a Chance to Win!*

Who likes prizes? This year one lucky (randomly selected) #GramTheLove 2019 poster will win a very special gift conceptualized by MediaMelanie and YesYoga. It’s a love-based grand prize filled with all kinds of goodies to promote self-love and love in general. Keep an eye on our feeds for grand prize details and pics! Links below…

On February 14, we will randomly select one winner from everyone who posted with the #GramTheLove hashtag on Instagram (2019 posts only). One (1) winner will win the grand prize, valued at $100. If we reach at least 5,000 #GramTheLove posts, we’ll also throw in a $100 Amazon Gift Card to sweeten the pot. Maybe one of our favorite businesses will donate a prize along the way? 

More Love, Less Hate

Let’s do this! Take this opportunity to show the internet world that there is more love than hate, and that love always wins. Love Trumps Hate! I’m ready to #GramTheLove, are you?

One More Fun Twist…

If #GramTheLove can reach 25,000 posts by Valentines Day (February 14, 2019), I’m getting a tattoo to commemorate the occasion and mark it as a success. I’m thinking a small and simple hashtag with a heart. Crazy? Maybe. Fun? For sure. Erik Guy will be the tattoo artist–find him at Even Keel Tattoo in Pacific Beach, San Diego.

Follow Along!

Be sure to follow along on Instagram to stay in the loop with #GramTheLove:





*Terms & Conditions: This promotion is not affiliated with Instagram. No purchase necessary to win. One grand prize winner will be randomly selected from all Instagram accounts that post a photo with the #GramTheLove hashtag between February 1 and February 14, 2019. Winner will be selected on February 14, 2019 and announced on Instagram on February 15 (or ASAP upon confirmation of win). FMV of prizes currently estimated at $100. Contest open to continental United States residents over the age of 13 (under age 18 must have parental consent confirmed before selected as winner). 

Social Media Revolution

This is some pretty powerful stuff, and the numbers are changing daily. If you aren’t yet harnessing the power of social media for your business, what are you waiting for? Contact me today for a complimentary social media audit. If video is what you need, Media Melanie can help with that too.